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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"Dr. Sheikh and his team are amazing. We have been taking our daughter to Discovery Children's Dentistry for the past almost 8 years and could not be more pleased with the care and attention given. Highly recommend!: ~ Lisa H.

"I arrived 45 minutes early (my mistake) for appointments for both of my children (6 yr old and 2.5 yr old). They fit us right in- we only waited a few minutes. The hygienist and Dr. Cyrous were wonderful! The kids both felt comfortable and at ease in the office. I highly recommend this office!" ~ Jen G.

"I can't begin to express how lucky we were to find this doctor!!! He's compassionate, kind, and caring! My daughter had a huge fear of dentists. She was actually dismissed form 2 practices prior. She then had a severe fall on a skateboard. After visiting the Scripps ER the on call dentist called Dr. S. He offered to open his office at 10 at night to help us. We've been with him ever since.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Natasha P.

"Both of my kids have been patients of Dr. Sheikh for the past 10+ years (since their first dental check-ups). He and his staff are terrific! They are super friendly, great with kids and, most importantly, very knowledgeable and skilled. Great office environment as well." ~ Kaitlin M.

"Came here initially because I had found a coupon (yes, a coupon!) in a children's magazine and the coupon was good for first-time clients only. Perfect, as my son had yet to visit a dentist in his 3 years of existence. (I know, I know, I'm awful and should have taken him earlier in his tooth-having life!)

Nestled in a really quiet business park area of Carlsbad, this office really took me by surprise! You and your child walk into the most child-friendly waiting room and secretary area on arrival! Television running children's shows, room off to the side with video games inside, various play tables situated here and there, books and toys on shelves, brightly colored walls and seating space! Staff behind the counter welcomed us with smiles and were really excited about us being new to the office (accepting my coupon without a single problem or passing of judgement!)

Once called back for my kiddo's appointment, we were taken to the Zebra room! The woman that prepped my son for the dentist, who would later inspect my son's teeth, made the experience so comfortable and enjoyable for my son who had never had anyone poking around in his little mouth before. The woman set him up on the chair, reclined it all the way back, told my son to look up and turned on the TV that was in the ceiling right above his head! (and she just HAPPENED to find his favorite cartoon!) She then placed some sweet sun glasses on his face, headphones on his ears, a paper smock on his chest, and got to work giving my son his first teeth cleaning!

The dentist, a really sweet man who has an accent and a genuine way about how he speaks with kids, came in and chatted with me and my son as he worked. When it comes to reminding a little one to keep their mouth open while they explore their tiny jaws, this office has staff that is really patient and understanding! My son didn't even flinch when that hook-looking doodad was prodding around in his mouth!

Yay for no cavities and perfect baby teeth!

For a job well done, my son received a goody bag, equipped with a new toothbrush, mini-tube of toothpaste, and stickers; but the fun doesn't stop there! Children also are given a token which they can use to get a toy from one of several toy-machines!

I've been to this office twice now. The second time, of course, no coupon, but the price of the visit was not bad at all, taking into consideration that my son does not actually have dental insurance!

I like that this office sends reminders for appointments by phone and email. They ask that you confirm your appointment, also by either phone or email!

Will certainly be bringing my son here every 6 months! I love how much my son loves the dentist! He talks about it for days after!" ~ Lindsey M.


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